Beauty Way Business Services

Look around your office, examine your systems, your workflows and make a list of:

  • Tedious, stressful, time-consuming tasks/processes
  • “I’ll deal with that later” piles
  • Research you know would lead to lower costsĀ and/or better business relationships
  • Projects you want to take on but can’t find the time or resources
  • Helpful upgrades you’re delaying because you doubt your company’s capacity to juggle the changes, adaptation period and current work load

This is the list to call me about. These are the places I can help. Maybe you don’t need to hire more people for the long-term or even look for support through a temp agency. Maybe just a couple extra hands for a day or a week is all you need to clear the clog in your flow.

I’m not interested in becoming an employee in your company. I’m very interested in helping you and your employees have a meaningful, successful experience in the workplace with systems that make sense, save time, and are in harmony with the people using them.

Email me anytime with questions or to set an appointment:


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