Arriving by His Own Clock

3069117598_bcdf8ac99f1Caleb James Dalgas 825am November 29th, 2008

This dear soul, my first nephew, and his parents taught me much about the power of present moment living in the weeks we shared.

I was reminded that beginnings – and all that falls within time’s realm – are not within our control. Try as we may to manage circumstance, all things come in their own time. It is how we spend that time that matters. It is how we breathe into the unknown which determines our ‘fate’.

Watching a woman wade through pain and uncertainty, holding her core truth in the midst of exhaustion, and embracing the changes happening within her but beyond her control… I grew up a little more. I felt a little stronger in my own core. I wanted more for myself and felt just a bit more confident that I deserved those things my heart desires. Caleb and his mother gave me that. And his father showed me, once again, that Love will always be there to help me cover the distance between here and there.

Thank you, Geoff, Jennie, and Caleb James. I love you so.

3 thoughts on “Arriving by His Own Clock”

  1. What an amazing gift of words you have. You have no idea how much having you here helped us through the waiting. Your sense of calm and reassurance was so vital to the outcome of Caleb’s birth. And while he did not choose to come in our time, he is a powerful force that is already teaching me so much. Thank you for your wisdom and for holding a space for us when I couldn’t. I love and appreciate you more than you know.

  2. God’s timing is always perfect. We in our humanly haste try to make things happen, but most times we are left empty or wanting more. Instead one needs to learn to be content in all things, find joy in the moment, and look to the Source of our being. Then, and only then will we embrace perfect love and we shall have the desires of our hearts. Words of encouragment, I hope, and of experience from this Momma. I love you so, dear one.

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