Pre & Perinatal Support


Every single one of us is conscious from before conception. We are spiritually awake, alert, and recording our experiences. LittleMamaBird1

Our feelings are real, our beliefs are developing, our understanding growing and changing every moment of our journey. Long before we can articulate our thoughts, we form strong feelings and ideas about what to expect from relationships, love, change and gravity. Our caregivers must be a voice for us while we learn to use our own. We hope they will be loving, kind, protective, understanding and supportive. We hope to be seen and appreciated. Every single one of us. The links and videos here are resources, food for the mind and heart, and opportunities to evolve in our own ways for ourselves, our families, our world.

___________________________________________________________________________A dear friend is preparing for birth in a hospital but really longs to just be in a field and then rest in a hot spring. Regardless of where she births, I sense she will take that ancient wisdom with her. Below is an Australian video that calls my own heart back to that ancient power in us all.




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